The DAG 60 is a larger version of the R2. The DAG 60 is much easier to get your hands into the fuselage. This is the main reason for this design. A 60 size autogyro with a 74” rotor span and 3" cord. This is a beautiful flying auotogyo. With the nose pointing into a breeze, this gentle beast can land vertical.

I recommend .60-1.20 size 2cycle or .91-1.20 four stroke for this gyro. I do warn you against using too large of a four stroke. Wieght to power ratio what you need to watch. This is why my highest Four Stroke recommendation is a 1.20.

High torque servos are a must. It is designed with static pitch in mind. So....that being said, there are three channels:

Roll, Elevator and Rudder for control.

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